Other American Specification

General/specific NOTES to all products:


1. Every armchair and sofa upholstered in black leather has back side of the seat cushion made of black canvas, in color leather made of canvas in color closest to the leather color. Carrying facings are made of black or natural canvas. Face side of leather can look every time differently because of its natural structure.

2. We can use customer’s own material (COM) for products.

3. The finish of metal parts is either interior chrome or powder coating. We offer the following powder coating finish: black, brown, white, grey, gold, blue, yellow, green, orange, red. We can use custom-choice colors, please, ask for price calculation.

4. Wooden parts of products are lacquered, or stained and lacquered. Wooden parts are made of natural wood. Each piece can have different structure, which might cause together with minor color deviations and change in texture that they do not look the same. This is natural character of wood.

5. Depending on a type of product we use 8 and 10mm glass table tops. We offer clear or smoked glass, 10mm clear glass with decorative edge, Matelux 10mm /sanded/ glass, safety glass 10mm thick in RAL colors /white, blue, green, yellow, red, etc.. As custom-made, we offer safety glass and sanded glass. We sell also only glass table tops, please, ask for price.

6. Side table for chair is made from lacquered or stained plywood. Its shape can be oval, trapezoid, rectangular etc.

7. Production of atypical products is custom-production. Price might increase; therefore, it is necessary to consult with us every such product.

8. The manufacturer has a right to change the price list.

9. The manufacturer has a right to make production changes in product construction, and is not obliged to inform about this customer and wholesalers, and is not obliged to make these changes on products already produced.

10. We recommend abiding with the cleaning and usage guide for our products, which is part of the warranty list.

11. Most of our products with listed designer are design-protected.

12. We offer linking deviced for our chairs to be connected into one raw. The plastic linking device costs 0,50Euro/pc. Metal linking device with distance setting costs 7,63Euro/pc.

13. Upholstery fabrics, artificial leather and leather will stretch with the time-using. It is their natural phenomenon, and it cannot be considered as claim. Barstools

14. Barstools with seat height over 85cm might have reduced stability. We produce them as custom-made products.

15. Seat heights for COMBI barstools, VARIO barstools and COMBI stools might range between +/- 1cm. Tables

16. Laminated table top has 2mm ABS edge.

17. We supply also spare table tops. Please, ask for price.

18. The samples of materials on our internet web site and in our catalogue has an informative character. The ability of your monitor or printer accurately reproduce colors can be influenced by many factors beyond our control. Also, it is not possible to show exact colors in our catalogue.Therefore, we cannot guarantee that the product colors you see displayed are perfectly accurate. Please, ask for real